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RADTRAD uses a combination of tables and numerical models of source term reduction phenomena to determine the time-dependant dose at user-specified locations for a given accident scenario.  It also provides the inventory, decay chain, and dose conversion factor tables needed for the dose calculation.  The RADTRAD code can be used to assess occupational radiation exposure, typically in the control room, as well as site boundary doses, and to estimate the dose attenuation due to modification of a facility or accident sequence.  The alternate source term analysis has been endorsed for utility usage by the NRC through SECY 98-154, while Regulatory Guide 1.183 details the revised standard review plan.

RADTRAD can be used as a regulatory compliance and radiological consequences tool for estimation of offsite and control room dose.

RADTRAD could also be coupled with risk informed decisions such that utilities may be able to justify relaxation of the technical specifications for surveillance tests, valve stroke times, initiation of containment sprays, or containment/control room charcoal filter systems.  Thus RADTRAD can be effective in optimizing resource expenditures and reducing maintenance dose

The RADTRAD Industry Users Group is coordinated by the Nuclear Services Division of Serco. The office is located at 6200 Uptown Blvd, Suite 200, Abuquerque, NM 87110. The personnel contact is Jamie L. Gerard. Jamie can be contacted at (505) 550-5010 or reached via e-mail at Jamie.Gerard@serco-na.com.

The primary values of joining the RADTRAD Industry Users Group include a forum for sharing experiences with source term submittals and resultant RAI's, notification of reported errors and deficiencies in the code, rapid response to your questions from personnel involved in the development of the RADTRAD code, and availability of a Configuration Control program and the RADTRAD V&V packages.

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