RADTRAD Industry Users Group Charter

Charter - September 14, 2000

1     Charter:

The charter of the RADTRAD Industry Users Group (hereafter called the "Users Group") is to:

  1. Disseminate information related to RADTRAD to Users Group members.

  2. Provide a forum for sharing experience with the use of the code and soliciting feedback on problems encountered.

  3. Provide a clearinghouse for collecting identified code errors/deficiencies and, depending on the severity of the identified issue, implementing code fixes as appropriate or presenting the issue to the NRC for their resolution.

  4. Identify suggested code enhancements of general benefit to the industry and funding development of such code enhancements as appropriate.

2     Organization:

  1. The membership of the Users Group shall consist of nuclear utility personnel and other professionals involved with the use and application of the RADTRAD code.

  2. A steering committee shall manage the activities of the Users Group.  The active members of the Users Group shall nominate and vote to select five acting nuclear utility members of the Users Group to serve as members of the steering committee.

  3. A Managing Contractor, Alion Science and Technology, shall coordinate and implement the activities of the Users Group, as directed by the Steering Committee.

  4. The Users Group may establish subordinate Task Groups for completion of special assignments.

  5. A member of the Users Group, with the prior approval of the Steering Committee, may invite guests to the meetings to provide unique additional support

3     Duties of the Steering Committee:

The Steering Committee shall:

  1. Identify and prioritize the activities of the Users Group as a whole.

  2. Identify and prioritize the activities of the Managing Contractor.

  3. Determine meeting dates and provide input to meeting agenda.

  4. Approve Users Group fee schedule and Managing Contractor budgets.

  5. Determine scope, budget, schedule, and implementation plan for special projects, such as the implementation of code enhancements, as approved by the Users Group.

4     Duties of the Managing Contractor:

The Managing Contractor Shall:

  1. Set up and maintain a RADTRAD web site for disseminating RADTRAD-related information and facilitate the exchange of user experience information.

  2. At the direction of the Steering Committee, set up Users Group meetings, distribute meeting agenda, keep and distribute the meeting minutes and associated materials, and track identified and approved action items.

  3. In coordination with the Steering Committee, implement code fixes identified by the Users Group.

  4. At the discretion of the Steering Committee, implement code enhancements.

  5. At the direction of the Steering Committee, provide copies of code fixes and enhancements to the NRC to maintain consistency between the industry and NRC version of the code.

5     Users Group Fees:

  1. An annual fee shall be levied on active members of the Users Group.

  2. Users Group fees shall support the following two types of activities:

  • General support activities by the Managing Contractor to include: web site maintenance, meeting support, implementation of minor code fixes, interfacing with the NRC on maintaining a common code, and other general activities as directed by the Steering Committee.

  • Implementation of enhancements to the code RADTRAD at the explicit direction of the Steering Committee.

  1. The fee schedule shall be set by the Steering Committee for approval by the Users Group.

  2. The fee schedule shall be reevaluated on an annual basis to reflect the scope of the activities to be supported by the Users Group.

  3. The Managing Contractor shall collect the annual membership fees on the behalf of the Steering Committee and provide detailed expenditure reports to the Steering Committee.

6     Interface of the Users Group with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission:

RADTRAD is a code that has been developed under the sponsorship of the NRC for use by the NRC in the review of licensee submittals.  The NRC is also encouraging the use of the RADTRAD code by the licensees.  An open channel of communication between the Users Group and the NRC would be beneficial to all users of the code RADTRAD.   The following activities shall establish the interface between the Users Group and the NRC:

  1. Upon approval by the members of the Users Group, the Steering Committee shall request the NRC to appoint a member of the staff to serve as a NRC liaison Member to provide the regulator perspective relative to the activities of the group.

  2. The details of the interaction between the Users Group and the NRC Liaison member shall be clearly defined by the Steering Committee in consultation with the membership of the Users Group.

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