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RADTRAD Industry Users Group Announcements

NRC RADTRAD 3.03 V&V Package
Alion Science and Technology, in conjunction with select members of the RADTRAD Users Group, has developed a V&V package for the release version of NRC RADTRAD 3.03. This V&V package was developed in accordance with ANSI/ANS-10.4 1987, "Guidelines for Verification and Validation of Scientific and Engineering Programs for the Nuclear Industry" and brought under the umbrella of Alion's 10 CFR50 Appendix B, Quality Assurance program . The RADTRAD 3.03 code in conjunction with this V&V package has also been approved for Safety Related work at a variety of nuclear facilities.

Alion has also developed a V&V package for Alion RADTRAD 310, the base code for NRC RADTRAD 4. This package has been qualified by several nuclear facilities and is available to User Group members.

2017 Training
Training is currently being scheduled for 2017. Interested parties should contact Dominic Munoz at 505-362-2604 or dmunoz@alionscience.com.

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